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Title A 16kW Rotating Anode type Monoblock X-ray Generator
Authors Hackseong Kim ; Junyong Oh ; Yuenchung Kim
Page pp.97-103
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Mono block; Radiography x-ray generator; High voltage generator; Rotating anode type x-ray tube; High voltage transformer
Abstract We propose an improved active forward converter by adding a non-dissipative snubber circuit to the secondary of the conventional active clamp forward converter in this paper. The snubber circuit is composed of a tapped inductor, a snubber capacitor, and two diodes. Comparing with the conventional one, the proposed one makes it possible ZVS to operate in a smaller magnetizing current condition. The operational principles and the equivalent mode analysis of an improved active forward converter are mentioned in this paper. In conclusion, we constructed the prototype of the modified active forward converter with 300W output capacity and verified higher efficiency compared to the conventional one.