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Title A Study of regeneration breaking control algorithm for Wounded-field Synchronous motor drive
Authors Ho-Seon Ryu ; Joo-Hyun Lee ; Ik-Hun Lim ; Yo-Jip Park ; Youn-Jong kang ; Jang-Mok Kim
Page pp.104-112
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords SFC; large synchronous machine; whole section control algorithm
Abstract This paper deals with the operation of a flywheel energy storage UPS. The UPS has good features such as long life-time, improved efficiency, no environmental problems, reduced size and space, and low maintenance cost compared with the conventional UPS using battery. The operating principle of the UPS is analysed in each mode including voltage compensation as well as uninterruptible power supply. Especially, the tracking characteristic of the disturbed phase of the source voltage after outage is analysed. The usefulness of the system is proved through simulations and experiments.