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Title A Study on Reduction of Torque Pulsating for BLDCMUsing CDTP Control Method
Authors Woo-Seok Shin ; Byoung-Hee Kang
Page pp.113-119
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords BLDCM; Torque Pulsating; Commutation; Commutation Delay Time Control; Commutation Point
Abstract Short-circuit rotor windings on a generator causes unstable oscillation of unbalance of flux, asymmetrical heat. In order to prevent serious accidents of short-circuit rotor windings, it is important to study the shorted-turn diagnosis method for rotor windings of the generator. To improve the defects of the diagnosis with sensors, the new sensorless method for rotor shorted-turn diagnosis is proposed, which is to measure the electrical values of the voltage and current at the generator and then to detect if the shorted-turned phenomena would occurred. For the feasibility of the suggested method the theoretical results are shown in the aspects of the air-gap flux density, the flux leakage, the generated output voltage and the shorted field current through the digital simulation. Also the possibility of decision for the suggested sensorless method could be shown in this paper.