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Title Implementation of Vector Controller for PMSM Using FPGA
Authors Seok-Hwan Kim ; Jeong-Gyu Lim ; Eun-Kyung Seo ; Hwi-Beom Shin ; Hyun-Woo Lee ; Se-Kyo Chung
Page pp.127-134
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Permanent magnet synchronous motor; Vector control; FPGA; VHDL
Abstract Broadband power line communications have been receiving tremendous interest in recent years because this technology enables utilities to deploy a communication network over existing power line infrastructures. Despite the enormous potential, there is some skepticism about the technology and its commercial viability. In this paper, we investigate the performance characteristic of PLC through field test carried out in actual households. Also it addresses major field deployment aspects, such as range, coverage, the number of node for operation and maintenance.