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Title A Novel Step-up AC-DC Converter with PFC by DiscontinuousCurrent Control
Authors Dong-Kurl Kwak ; Choon-Sam Kim ; Jae-Sun Shim ; Chun-Sik Kim ; Hyun-Woo Lee
Page pp.142-148
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Step-up converter; Power factor correction; Discontinuous current control; Soft switching;Partial resonant circuit
Abstract In this paper, a new discrete-time small signal model of an average current mode control is proposed to predict the inductor current responses. Compared to the peak current mode control, the analysis of the average current mode control is difficult because of its presence of an compensation network. By utilizing sampler model, a new discrete-time small signal model is derived and used to predict the behaviors of an inductor current of average current mode control employing generalized compensation networks. In order to show the usefulness of the proposed model, prediction results of the proposed model are compared to those of the circuit level simulator, PSIM and experiment.