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Title A new soft-switched PWM boost converter with a lossless auxiliary circuit
Authors Hyun-Chil Choi
Page pp.149-158
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords ZCT; ZVT; ZCZVT; Soft-switching; Auxiliary circuit
Abstract A new resonant pulse converter for energy harvesting is proposed. The converter transfers energy from a low-voltage AC current to a battery. The low-voltage AC current source is an equivalent of the piezoelectric generator, which converts the mechanical energy to the electric energy. The converter consists of a full-bridge rectifier having four N-type MOSFETs and a boost converter having N-type MOSFET and P-type MOSFET instead of diode. Switching of MOSFETs utilizes the capability of the 3rd regional operation. The operational principles and switching method for the power control of the converter are investigated with the consideration of effects of the parasitic capacitances of MOSFETs. Simulation and experiment are performed to prove the analysis of the converter operation and to show the possibility of the μW energy harvesting.