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Title Instantaneous Power Compensation Theory in Three-phase Four-wire Systems
Authors Hyosung Kim
Page pp.172-183
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords 3-phase 4-wire systems; Instantaneous power compensation; p-q theory; cross-vector theory
Abstract In this paper, AC electric vehicle propulsion system(Converter/Inverter) using high power semiconductor, IPM is proposed. 2-Parallel operation of two PWM converter is adopted for increasing capacity of system and the harmonic content is eliminated by the phase shaft between two PWM converters switching phase. VVVF inverter control is used a mixed control algorithm, where the vector control strategy at low speed region and slip-frequency control strategy at high speed region. The proposed propulsion system is verified by experimental results with a 1,350kW converter and 1,100kVA inverter with four 210kW traction motors.