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Title A Study on 6-pulse-shift Current-source PWM Inverterfor Photovoltaic System
Authors Joung-Min Lim ; Sang-Hun Lee ; Sung-Jun Park ; Chae-Joo Moon ; Young-Hak Chang ; Man-Hyung Lee
Page pp.193-200
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System; Current-Source PWM inverter; Buck-Boost Converter; Digital Signal Processor
Abstract In order to increase reliability and reduce system cost, this paper studies particularly applicable method for sensorless PM BLDCM drive system. The waveform of the motor internal voltages(or back emf) contains a fundamental and higher order frequency harmonics. Therefore the third harmonic component is extracted from the stator phase voltage. The resulting third harmonic signal keeps a constant phase relationship with the rotor flux for any motor speed and load condition, and is practically free of noise that can be introduced by the inverter switching, making this a robust sensing method. In addition, a simple starting method and a speed estimation approach are also proposed. Some experimental results are provided to demonstrate the validity of the proposed control method.