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Title New Double-Connected Multi-Step Inverter for High Power Motor Drive Applications
Authors Seunguk Yang ; Hyungsoo Mok ; Gyuha Choe
Page pp.209-215
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Multi-step Inverters; Motor Drive; Double-Connected 12-step Inverters
Abstract This paper presents development of solar array shunt switching unit with a fully regulated power regulation for Geostationary Earth Orbit(GEO) satellite. This shunt switching unit comprises the solar array shunt modules that regulate the solar array power. These solar array shunt modules connect/disconnect the solar array segments to/from the bus through switching actions. And that is also possible simply extension to an existing design by FPGA control logic changing. In order to verify the proposed design, the control logic and worst case analysis are analyzed and the simulation and experimental results are shown.