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Title A Contact-less Power Supply for Photovoltaic Power Generation System
Authors Hyun-Kwan Lee ; Young-su Kong ; Eun-Soo Kim ; Yoon-Ho Kim ; Gi-Sik Lee ; Sung-In Kang ; Bong-Geun Chung
Page pp.216-223
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Contact-less power supply; Photovoltaic power generation system; LLC resonant converter; Contact-less transformer
Abstract In this paper, a new continuous-time small signal model of an average current mode control is proposed. Sampling effect is considered to obtain the proposed small signal model. By the proposed model, the high frequency response characteristics of current loop gain might be predicted accurately compared to previous models. And this leads the prediction of inductor current response of the proposed model to be accurate compared to others. In order to show the usefulness of the proposed model, prediction results of the proposed model are compared to those of the circuit level simulator, PSIM and experiment.