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Title Equivalent RMS Sine-wave Modulation of the Step-pulse typeMulti-level Inverter
Authors Sun-Ho Jin ; Jun-Ho Kwak ; Kwan-Jun Jo ; Jin-Seok Oh
Page pp.239-246
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Modulation strategy; ERSM(Equivalent RMS Sine-wave modulation); Cascaded H-bridge; multi-level inverter(MLI); Step pulse. THD(Total Harmonic Distortion)
Abstract We report the performance of an open-frame type low-voltage high-current DC-DC converter module developed using an active clamp forward converter circuit and single ended rectifier. The converter module is designed with the specifications of an 3.3V output voltage, 30A output current, 100W output power and 36-75V input voltage. The synchronous rectifier is used to reduce the conduction loss at high current level and constant current control using precision PCB resistance is adapted to enhance the over current protection function in the system configuration. A prototype converter module is successfully implemented within 8mm height and quarter brick size (58×37mm) and recorded an 95W/in3 power density, 90.6% efficiency and 0.07% voltage regulation for the entire input voltage range, thereby demonstrating its application potentials to future telecommunication electronics.