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Title Study on the Operating Characteristics of Double Fed Induction Generator Connected AC network
Authors Chan-Ki Kim ; Sang-Yul Han ; Jin-Boo Choo
Page pp.247-257
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Wind-Power; EMTDC. DFIG
Abstract A new control algorithm of soft starter is proposed for the reduction of the inrush current during the grid connection of the induction-type wind power generator. Currently, the fixed speed wind turbine using induction generator is the most popular wind generation system in Korea. It is shown that the amount of inrush current mainly depends on the control algorithm of the soft starter, a thyristor-based grid connection device. For the simulation study, a 600kW wind turbine simulation model is developed and the transient waveforms are investigated with conventional and proposed methods. Also experimental results using 3.7kW experimental set-up show that the peak value of inrush current is reduced about 20% using proposed algorithm.