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Title Design of Suitable a New Active ClampSepic-Flyback Converter for a Fuel Cell Generation System
Authors T.W. Lee ; S.J. Jang ; S.S. Kim ; B.K. Lee ; C.Y. Won ; H.S. Kim
Page pp.258-265
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords sepic-flyback converter; Fuel Cell Generation System; Fuel Cell Simulator; PEMFC
Abstract In this paper the novel pulsewidth modulation(PWM) technique for the two-leg and four-leg two-phase inverter is proposed. The conventional space vector PWM technique for two-phase inverter was complex. The proposed PWM for two-leg inverter, which is used by sinusoidal PWM method, is simpler than the conventional SVPWM technique. Also, a simple PWM technique for four-leg two-phase inverter is proposed. Such PWM technique is based on PWM technique for two-leg inverter. Practical verification of theoretical predictions is presented to confirm the capabilities of the new techniques.