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Title The Stabilized Speed Control Modeling of Single-side Linear Induction Motor Considering End-effect
Authors Hong-Woo Lim ; Bong Chae ; Moon-Han Choi ; Kang-Yeon Lee ; Geum-Bae Cho ; Hyung-Lae Ba
Page pp.266-273
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Linear induction motor; Sing-sided linear induction motor; end-effect; SVPWM
Abstract In this paper, the control algorithm of DC source device for inverter starting is proposed and the control method for compensating unbalance system source on operating time in the voltage type PWM converter with driving and regenerative faculty is suggested. The maintaining way of balancing condition for converter of AC source is used the compensating unbalanced status by current control loop. Because it is possible that the unbalanced System control is used to leakage transformer not equaled reactance by each phase in rectifier system, the proposed H/W and control algorithm of rectifier system is contributed to minimize of device and rising efficiency.