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Title A Wind Turbine Simulator for Doubly-Fed Induction-type Generator with Automatic Operation Mode Change during Wind Speed Variation
Authors Byoung-Chang Jeong ; Seung-Ho Song ; Dong-Joon Sim
Page pp.349-360
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Wind turbine simulator; Doubly-fed; Operation mode
Abstract It is complex to realize the reference voltage vector by the space vector PWM method in three-leg two-phase inverter. In this paper a new PWM technique for three-leg two-phase inverter fed two-phase induction motor is poroposed assuming that three-leg two-phase inverter is equivalent circuit for "four-leg two-phase inverter with the connected two windings". From assumption, six sectors are decreased to four sectors, and simple sinusoidal PWM method instead of SVPWM is applied to three-leg two-phase inverter. Also, the switching pattern to determine the switching periods at each sector is proposed. Practical verification of theoretical predictions is presented to confirm the capabilities of the new techniques.