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Title A New Current Balancing Methods of CCFL for LCD TV Backlight
Authors Seung-Uk Yang ; Soung-Ju Lee Ho-Jin Kim ; Hai-Don Lee ; Hyung-Soo Mok ; Gyu-Ha Choe ;
Page pp.371-377
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords CCFL Inverters; LCD Back Light Inverter; Multi-Connected CCFL
Abstract This paper proposes an estimation algorithm to find the moment of inertia, which is essential to design high performance controller for motor drive system. The algorithm finds the moment of inertia observing the position error signal, which contains an error information of moment of inertia, generated by speed observer. Moreover, the proposed algorithm is easily realized in the observer-based speed detection method. The simulation and experimental results are also presented to confirm the performance of moment of inertia estimation method, which shows that the moment of inertia converges to the actual value within several seconds. The speed control responses and the designed speed controller performance match well.