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Title Anti-windup for Complex Vector Synchronous Frame PI Current Controller
Authors Hyunjae Yoo ; Yu-Seok Jeong ; Seung-Ki Sul
Page pp.404-408
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Complex vector PI current controller; anti-windup; state feedback decoupling PI current controller; mathematical description of the current controller
Abstract This paper proposes a new 2MVA SSFG(Sag Swell Flicker Generator) injecting voltage by using series inverter. The proposed SSFG composes series inverter, DC capacitor as energy storage, rectifier and voltage clamp circuit. This SSFG is designed to generate typical power disturbances, such as voltage sag/swell, over/under voltage and voltage flicker. Also it is designed to generate unexpected voltage phase jumping waveform by controlling the series inverter.In this paper, three kinds of control methods for the proposed 2MVA SSFG are investigated by PSIM simulation. Also typical voltage sag, swell, flicker waveforms are implemented by adopting effective control method.