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Title A New Commutation Circuit for PWM Cuk AC-AC Converter
Authors Nam-Sup Choi ; In-Dong Kim ; Li YulongYulong Li ; Eui-Cheol Nho
Page pp.431-439
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords AC-AC power conversion; PWM Cuk AC-AC converter; Commutation circuit; Undeland snubber; AC chopper
Abstract The proposed Multi-level PDP sustain Driver is composed of the semiconductor devices with low voltage rating compared to those used in the prior circuit proposed by L. Webber, and it has two resonant periods during the charging (rising period) and discharging (falling period) the PDP in the sustaining voltage waveforms. In accordance with the change of timing phase(Tr1, Ti1, Tr2), the performance characteristics of a commercial PDP module has been carried out and compared the characteristic with the 42V6, made of LG Electronics co., Experimental results show that the performance characteristics of PDP module are greatly influenced by the variation of Ti1 and Tr2. The variation of Tr1 do not influence much on the performances of PDP. With the conditions that Tr1=60ns, Ti1=120ns, and Tr2=350ns, we could get the performances listed as the luminance is increased 14.6%, the power consumptions is decreased 5.9%, the panel efficiency is increased 24.2%, module efficiency is increased 21.2%, compared to those shown in the commercial PDP module (42V6). Therefore, the proposed multi-level PDP sustain driver expected to be suitable to actual PDP module application.