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Title Position Sensorless Starting of BLDC Motor for Compressor
Authors Kwang-Woon Lee ; Joon-Hwan Lee ; Jae-Young Choi
Page pp.440-446
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords BLDC Motor; Sensorless Starting; Reciprocating compressor
Abstract The matrix converter provides sinusoidal input and output wave forms, bidirectional power flow, controllable input power factor and a long life, compared to the VSI(Voltage Source Inverter) with diode rectification stage at the input. However it has tasks, such as complexity of the control method, ride-through problem and low voltage-ratio limitation, to overcome for commercializing, This paper describes the design, construction and implementation of matrix converter based on space vector modulation technique. The implemented prototype of matrix converter is built using the exclusive IGBT module and control circuit constituted with DSP and CPLD and it has an input filter, overvoltage protection circuit and commutation means for overcoming practical issues. The good results tested using an induction motor are also presented.