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Title Design of High Performance 5 Phase Step Motor Drive System with Current Control Loop
Authors Kwang-Su Chun ; Hak-Jin Kim ; Yong-Kwan Kwon ; Suk-Hee Kang
Page pp.447-453
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords 5 phase step motor; micro step control; current controller; position control robot
Abstract The push pull forward converter is suitable in a low output voltage, a high output current applications with wide input voltage ranges. All magnetic components including output inductor, transformer and input filter can be integrated into single EI/EE core. The integrated push pull forward converter is considered through the comparison of efficiency according to the circuit parameters. The Nicera company's 5M FEE18/8/10C and NC-2H FEI32/8/20 cores are used for the transformer. The integrated push pull forward converter ratings are of 36~72V input and 3.3V/30A output. In case that NC-2H FEI32/8/20 core used in the converter, the efficiency is measured up to 83.5% at the switching frequency 200 kHz and the 11A load. The efficiencies of 76.4% at a full load and 82.95% at a half load are measured.