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Title A Study on the CCFL parallel driving circuit for the large LCD TV
Authors Young-Su Jang ; Seok Yoon ; Gie-Hyoun Kweon ; Sang-kyoo Han ; Sung-soo Hong ; Suk-chin Sakong ; Chung-wook Roh
Page pp.454-462
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords inverter; CCFL parallel driving circuit
Abstract Recently, due to the launch of digital broadcasting service, the demand of Flat Panel Display (FPD) is sharply rising. Among them, the PDP is expected to be one of the most promising digital displays of next generation because of its large screen size, high resolution, thinness and board field of view. Meanwhile, the PDP uses ADS (Address Display-period Separation) scheme which divide one subfield into address and sustaining period to express the grey scale of images. Since the output of sustaining power module is mostly used for sustaining period, the load of the sustaining power module can be considered as a pulsating load. Due to this particular load condition, if the wide ZVS range of the power switches is not guaranteed, the hard switching causes large amount of switching loss and serious thermal problem in power module.In this paper, a high efficiency power conversion circuit for 60" PDP sustaining power module which achieves wide ZVS range with the help of additional ZVS tank is proposed. According to the various gating methods, the different operations of the proposed converter are presented. And, to confirm the properties of the proposed converter, an experimental prototype of 900W power converter is constructed and tested. As a result, more than 92% of high efficiency is obtained at 10% load condition, and the ZVS operation is achieved from full load to 10% load condition.