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Title 3-Phase Power Quality Disturbance Generator with Phase Jump Function
Authors B.C. Lee ; S.H. Choi ; S.H. Paeng ; S.D. Park ; E.C. Nho ; N.S. Choi ; I.D. Kim ; T.W. Chun ; H.G. Kim
Page pp.463-470
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Voltage sag; swell; outage; unbalance; phase jump
Abstract This paper has achieved that an optimal design and experiments of heater and cathode of electron gun that serve to embody high current density in CRT display. For the high brightness, high resolution and larger size in CRT display, high current density of electron gun is indispensible. An Impregnation style cathode is used, and must heighten operating temperature of heater to get high current density for this, it is proportional hereupon and power dissipation increases. In this paper, to get low power cathode with high current density, There are produced and tested sample that differ lead type of heater, coating method, the pitch and number of winding of the first and second coiling in the heat emission area for the low power design of high current density cathode heater in this paper.