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Title A Novel Energy Recovery Circuit for AC PDPs with Reduced Sustain Voltage
Authors Seung-Bum Lim ; Soon-Chan Hong
Page pp.494-501
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords PDP(Plasma Display Panel); Energy recovery circuit
Abstract This paper presents the control method for the hybrid actuator comprising a DC motor and an MR brake. Generally, a DC motor as an active actuator has a small power to weight ratio and goes unstable with higher force control gain due to its saturation limit. In order to cope with this instability and make the transparency higher, this paper proposes a hybrid actuator which consists of a DC motor and an MR brake as a passive actuator and its force control method based on network theory. A DC motor actively produces the output corresponding to the signs of the input currents. On the other hand, an MR brake passively resists against the external load independent of the sign changes of the input currents. This characteristics is widely known as "passive". This paper suggests a force control method based on passivity concept in network theory for the hybrid actuator and verified its performance and stability through the experiments.