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Title A Study on the CCFL Back-Light Inverter For Large size LCD TV
Authors Chang-Sun Yun ; Hyun-Chang Cho ; Dong-Young Huh ; Kwang-Heon Kim ; Young-Cheol Lim
Page pp.502-507
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords LCD; CCFL; Full-Bridge; Multi-Lamp
Abstract Precise control of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor(IPMSM) over wide speed range is an engineering challenge. This paper considers the design and implementation of novel technique of high performance speed control for IPMSM using learning mechanism-fuzzy neural network(LM-FNN) and ANN(artificial neural network) control. The hybrid combination of neural network and fuzzy control will produce a powerful representation flexibility and numerical processing capability. Also, this paper proposes speed control of IPMSM using LM-FNN and estimation of speed using artificial neural network controller. The back propagation neural network technique is used to provide a real time adaptive estimation of the motor speed.The error between the desired state variable and the actual one is back-propagated to adjust the rotor speed, so that the actual state variable will coincide with the desired one. The back propagation mechanism is easy to derive and the estimated speed tracks precisely the actual motor speed. Analysis results to verify the effectiveness of the new hybrid intelligent control proposed in this paper.