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Title Resistive Current Mode Control for the Solar Array Regulator of SPACE Power System
Authors Hyun-Su Bae ; Jeong-Hwan Yang ; Jae-Ho Lee ; Bo-Hyung Cho
Page pp.535-542
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Large signal stability analysis; Effective load characteristic; Resistive current mode control
Abstract Particularly the photovoltaic systems are preferred because the output is extracted to the useful electric energy. However, the output characteristics of photovoltaic(PV) systems using solar cell or array depend on the weather conditions. The assistant equipment which emulates the solar cell characteristics that can be controlled arbitrarily by researcher is required to the researchers for reliable experimental data. To solve these problems, it is necessary to research a solar cell model of which output characteristics varied by setting the weather conditions such as insolation levels and temperatures. Therefore, this paper was presented that improved model which is based on interpolation model. To verified the improved model, it is confirmed using the simulation of MATLAB. Also, the experiment was performed by the characteristics of virtual implemented solar cell(VISC) system with the proposed solar cell model. It could be confirmed that there exists actual error within 5% between actual solar cell and VISC system.