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Title Three-level PDP Sustain circuits with Six-switches
Authors Chung-Wook Roh ; Won-Seok Nam ; Sang-Kyoo Han ; Sung-Soo Hong ; Suk-Chin Sakong ; Hak-Cheol Yang
Page pp.543-550
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Multi-level; Three-level; PDP; Sustainer; Sustain circuit
Abstract Recently, high density power supply has been researched over the last few years. To achieve high density power supply, the series resonant converter has been steadily used. In this paper, the half-bridge series resonant converter using the integrated Inductor-Inductor-Capacitor-Transformer(LLCT) is described. The structure of LLCT is analysed by the use of Finite Element Method Magnetics(FEMM) Software. Also the experimental results are verified by the simulation based on the theoretical analysis and the 300W experimental prototype.