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Title Diagnosis of State Of Health(SOH) for Battery Management System(BMS)
Authors Hyosung Kim
Page pp.558-562
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Rechargeable battery; Conductance; State of Health (SOH); Battery management system(BMS).
Abstract Linear compressors with a free piston driven by a linear motor are widely attention in the cooling apparatus such as refrigerator due to the high efficiency. The stroke of piston in the linear compressor driven by LPMSM (Linear Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor) can be obtained from integrating the input voltage and current of LPMSM, but it may be diverged due to dc components in the voltage and current. The strategy to prevent the divergence of stroke using both the high-pass filter and dc offset compensation was suggested. The equations for the magnitude and phase of the stroke and also dc offset including the stroke are derived as a function of the cut-off frequency of HPF. The accurate stroke of a piston can be calculated by compensating for dc offset. The performance of the newly developed stroke calculation scheme has been verified by experimentally on a linear compressor drive system, where the control was implemented by a 16-bit DSP.