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Title A Novel Fault Detection Method of Open-Fault in NPC Inverter System
Authors Jae-Chul Lee ; Tae-Jin Kim ; Dong-Seok Hyun
Page pp.115-122
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords NPC Inverter(Neutral-point-clamped Inverter); Open Switch Faults; Pole-voltage; Fault detection
Abstract This paper suggests a 6-pulse-shift converter structure with PWM current-source inverter based on buck-boost configuration to improve the efficiency and to reduce the switching frequency of inverter for photovoltaic generation system, the device can be operated as interface system between solar module system and power system grid without energy storage cell. The circuit has six current-source buck-boost converter which operate chopper part and has one full bridge inverter which make a decision the polarity of AC output. Therefore, the proposed PWM power inverter has advantages such as the reduction of witching loss and realization of unity power factor operation. The theoretical backgrounds are discussed and the input-output characteristics for the implemented prototype inverter using TMS320F2812 are verified experimentally in this paper.