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Title Nonlinear Control of Output Voltages of PWM Inverters for Stand-Alone Wind Power Generation
Authors Jeong-Ik Jang ; Dong-Choon Lee ; Seoung-Young Koo
Page pp.131-138
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Wind power generation; PWM inverter; LC filter; feedback linearization
Abstract In difference with the rotary type electrical machinery, the single-sided linear induction motor(SLIM) that generates the direct thrust, is widely used for the operation system of electrified railroad, lope-less elevation system, conveyer system, and so on. The operational principle of single-sided linear induction motor is constructively similar to the general rotary induction motor. It is difficult to realize the complicate linear induction motor which is applied space vector pulse width modulation(SVPWM) system, but widely used in vector motor control system or servo control system because of its high performance in current control. In this paper, we has modeled the dynamic characteristic analyzing methode, and calculated efficiently the end effect by using equivalent circuit methode in the operating linear induction motor control system.