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Title Isolated Multi-level Inverter Using 3-Phase Transformers
Authors Tae-Jin Kim ; Sung-Geun Song ; Sung-Jun Park ; Cheul-U Kim
Page pp.139-148
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords H-Bridge; Multi-level inverter; 3-Phase transformer; CHML
Abstract This paper suggests a new modulation strategy for step pulse type multi-level inverter. The proposed strategy is simple to determine the switching angles without regard to increase of levels. Designed to extract the equivalent RMS value compared to ideal sine wave from inverter, it can be applied effectively to high level step pulse inverter. Also this paper proposed modulation strategy for modified H-bridge 13 level inverter which has different cell source voltages with simulation and experiment. The modulation characteristics from simulation and experiment, agreed very well with tracing sine wave about modified structure of cascaded H-bridge multi-level inverter.