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Title 3-Phase Transformer Isolated Multi-level Inverter Using Common Arm
Authors Sung-Geun Song ; Sung-Jun Park ; Dong-Ok Kim ; Young-Cheol Lim ; Kwang-Heon Kim
Page pp.149-156
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords H-Bridge; Multi-level inverter; 3-Phase transformer; CHML; Common arm
Abstract The Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor(PMSM) drive systems with ball-screw, gear and timing-belt are widely used in industrial applications such as NC machine, machine tools, robots and factory automation. These systems have torsional vibration in torque transmission from servo motor to mechanical load due to the mechanical couplings. This vibration makes it difficult to achieve quick responses of speed and may result in damage to the mechanical plant.This paper presents adaptive notch filter with auto searching function of vibration frequency to reject the mechanical vibration of linear feeder system with PMSM. The proposed adaptive notch filter can suppress the torque command signal of PMSM in the resonant bandwidth for reject the mechanical torsional vibration. However, the resonant frequency can vary with conditions of mechanical load system and coupling devices, adaptive notch filter can auto search the vibration frequency and suppress the vibration signal bandwidth.Computer simulation and experimental results shows the verification of the proposed adaptive notch filter in linear feeder system with PMSM.