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Title Contactless Power Supply for DC Power Service in Hybrid Home Generation System
Authors Bong-Geun Chung ; Sung-In Kang ; Eun-Soo Kim ; Yoon-Ho Kim
Page pp.174-182
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Solar Energy Generation System; Independent Distributed Power Generation System; Contact-less Power Supply
Abstract The paper proposes the artificial neural network(ANN) sensorless control of induction motor drive with adaptive fuzzy logic controller(AFLC). Also, this paper proposes the speed control of induction motor using AFC and estimation of speed using ANN controller. The back propagation neural network technique is used to provide a real time adaptive estimation of the motor speed. The error between the desired state variable and the actual one is back-propagated to adjust the rotor speed, so that the actual state variable will coincide with the desired one. The proposed control algorithm is applied to induction motor drive system controlled AFLC and ANN controller. And this paper is proposed the results to verify the effectiveness of the AFLC and ANN controller.