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Title Direct Instantaneous Torque Control of SRM using 4-level Converter
Authors Dong-Hee Lee ; Sang-Hun Lee ; Jin-Woo Ahn
Page pp.205-212
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords DITC; 4-level converter; uniform torque; dynamic performance
Abstract This paper proposes a control algorithm for STATic synchronous COMpensator(STATCOM), based on Space Vector Modulation(SVM) and Hysteresis Current Controller(HCC) techniques. STATCOM is used to reactive power compensation on a distribution network. The proposed algorithm utilizes the advantages of the fast dynamic response of the hysteresis current control and the reduced switching number of the SVM scheme. The controller determines a set of space vectors from a region detector and applies a space vector. A set of space vectors including the zero vector, to reduce the number of switching, is determined from output signals of two hysteresis comparators. The presented control system was tested with digital simulation in the Borland C++ program and demonstrate the advantage of the proposed hysteresis current controller.