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Title Performance Improvement Using Modeling and Simulation of a Homo-polar Generator
Authors In-Soo Kim ; Se-Jin Seong
Page pp.213-220
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Generator; Homo-polar; Modeling; Simulation; Input limiter; Stability
Abstract The application areas of traditional push-pull converters are limited because the voltage stress of switches is high (twice of the input voltage). But the pushpull converter topology is suitable for unregulated low-voltage to high-voltage power conversion such as the fuel cell. This paper presents a novel power converter structure that is very suitable for the DC/DC converter in fuel cell systems. Based on this structure, a ZVS-ZCS push-pull converter is proposed. The switches of the proposed push-pull converter can operate under ZVS or ZCS condition with the help of a new passive clamping circuit. The passive clamping techniques solves the voltage overshoot problem. Because the buck converter circuit operates at twice the synchronous switching frequency of the push-pull converter, the peak current in the current-fed inductor and transformer is reduced. The operation principle of the proposed converter is analyzed and verified by simulations and experimental results. A 1 kW DC/DC converter was implemented with DSP TMS320F2812, from which experimental results have shown that efficiency improvement and surge suppression can be achieved effectively.