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Title Performance of Multi-level Inverter for High-Speed SR Drive
Authors Dong-Hee Lee ; Jin-Woo Ahn
Page pp.234-240
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords SRM(Switched Reluctance Motor); Multi-level inverter; High-speed operation
Abstract This paper proposes the SRM drive system, which accurately estimates the phase currents from the DC-link current to drive SRM instead of detecting the three-phase currents. In addition, the detecting circuit of DC-link current is also proposed to increase the resolution and decrease the off-set influence. Comparing with the general drive system based on the phase current, it is verified through the experiments that the proposed SRM drive system based on the DC-link current has the good performance in steady-state response of the speed control. Using the DC-link current, all of the 3-phase currents can be easily estimated for driving the SRM.