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Title A Study on the Power supply of a magnetic levitation system(MAGLEV)
Authors Choon-Byeong Chung ; Kee-Young Jeon ; Ji-Young Jeon ; Bong-Hwan Oh ; Hoon-Goo Lee ; Yong-Joo Kim ; Kyung-Hee Han
Page pp.258-266
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Pole placement; DC-to-DC converter; Sub-chopper; Magnetic levitation system(MAGLEV); Bessel transfer function model; MATLAB simulation
Abstract In this paper, An Automatic Synchronous Switch Post Regulator for Multi-Output Flyback Converter is proposed. The proposed circuit is composed simply using a new automatic synchronous switch instead of conventional complex Switch Post Regulator owing to difficulty of drive circuit materialization and synchronization between main output and auxiliary output. By using the proposed circuit, we can make simple and inexpensive Multi-Output Converter with variable and accurate output voltage and proved adequacy of proposed circuit through experiment, simulation and theoretical analysis.