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Title A Fuel Cell System with Z-Source Inverter and Ultracapacitors
Authors Yoon-Ho Kim ; Uk-Young Lee ; Soo-Hong Kim
Page pp.285-290
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Z-source inverter; Fuel cell; Ultracapacitors
Abstract This paper proposes an inrush current control technique of matching transformer for configuration of dynamic voltage restorer(DVR). The DVR system consist of PWM inverter to inject arbitrary voltage, LC low pass filter as harmonic eliminator and matching transformer for isolation. However, the matching transformer has an excess of inrush current by magnetic flux saturation in the core. Due to this inrush current, the rating of matching transformers is double for needed nominal rating for protection of DVR. Therefore, in this paper, the modeling method of magnetic flux saturation is used to analyze a magnitude of inrush current, and additional current controller is used for PWM inverter output regulation. Simulation and experimental results are provided to demonstrate the validity of the proposed control method.