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Title State of Charge Estimator using Sliding Mode Observer for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery
Authors Il-Song Kim
Page pp.324-331
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords battery modeling; hybrid electric vehicle; sliding mode observer; state of charge estimation; SOC
Abstract The improvement of load following operation of the thermal power plant is influenced to the electrical quality. Analysis of boiler, turbine, and governor system, and the study of control algorithm are necessarily preceded. The thermal power plant is operated by various control systems. In the case of faulty governor system, it takes long days to solve the problem and impossible to repair the mechanism without outage. A non-planned outage is taken into consideration because of economical power production. The paper introduces the followings; In case of system-frequency drop during long term, at thermal power plant, the generator output was drop. To clear this problem, the control logic is modified with analysis of trend and control algorithm. As a result system frequency drop is prevented during the long term and the electric grid operation is improved.