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Title Development of a Dimming Ballast for Electrodeless Fluorescent Lamps by Controlling DC-Link Voltage
Authors Mog-Soon Jang ; Byoung-Loh Lim ; Dong-Seok Shin ; Young-Man Lee ; Chong-Yeun Park
Page pp.103-109
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Electronic ballast; Electrodeless fluorescent lamp; Resonant Inverter; Class-D Converter
Abstract In this paper, a novel sensorless drive for brushless DC (BLDC) motor using the fuzzy back-EMF observer is proposed to improve the performance of conventional sensorless drive methods. Existing sensorless drive methods of the BLDC motor have low performance at transients or low speed range and occasionally require additional circuits. To cope with these problems, the back-EMF of the BLDC motor must be precisely estimated by a fuzzy logic, which is suitable to estimate the back-EMF which has a trapezoidal shape. The proposed algorithm using fuzzy back-EMF observer can achieve robust control for the change of an external condition and continuously estimate position of the rotor at transients as well as at steady state. The superiority of the proposed algorithm is proved through the simulation compared with other sensorless drive methods.