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Title Sliding-Mode Based Direct Power Control of a Doubly Fed Induction Generator for Wind Turbines
Authors Won-Sang Kim ; Gyung-Hun Sim ; Kyo-Beum Lee ; Byoung-Chang Jeong ; Seung-Ho Song
Page pp.152-162
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Sliding mode controller; Doubly fed induction generator; Space-vector modulation; Frame transformation; Current controller; Field oriented control(FOC)
Abstract In this paper, a novel fault detection method for fault tolerant control is proposed when the NPC inverter has a open failure in the switching device. The open fault of switching device is detected by checking the variation of a leg-voltage in the neutral-point-clamped Inverter and the two phases control method is used for continuously balance the three phases voltage to the load. It can be achieve the fault tolerant control for improving the reliability of the NPC inverter by the fault detection and reconfiguration. This method has fast detection ability and a simple realization for fault detection, compared with a conventional method. Also, this fast detection ability improved the harmful effects such as DC-link voltage unbalance and overstress to other switching devices from a delay of fault detection. The proposed method has been verified by simulation and experiment.