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Title Pressure Control Drive of SRM for Hydraulic Pump with Pressure Predict and Direct Torque Control Method
Authors Dong-Hee Lee ; Seung-Hun Seok ; Jianing Liang ; Jin-Woo Ahn
Page pp.171-178
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Hydraulic pump; SRM(Switched Reluctance Motor); Pressure Predict; Direct Torque Control
Abstract This paper presents about energy input and output modeling for a flywheel energy storage system that can store and supply mechanical energy, which is emerging as one of clean energy sources, and the analysis and control of a PWM inverter system.Moreover, this paper describes flywheel's characteristics related to variations of mechanical and electrical parameters like as voltage and current versus speed characteristics formed as numerical formula and thus simulate behaviour-status of flywheel energy. Also for comparison and analysis between PI control and PDFF control, the modeling, design and analysis to the single-phase full bridge inverter with double loop feedback control is accomplished through numerical description and simulation. Finally, under load condition 0.1[pu], 1[pu]. it is validated that harmonic characteristics for voltage and current wave is controlled within 5% below even dynamics condition.