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Title A Direct Torque Control Characteristics of SRM using PWM Approach
Authors Dong-Hee Lee ; Huijun Wang. ; Jin-Woo Ahn?
Page pp.179-185
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords SRM(Switched Reluctance Motor); DITC(Direct Instantaneous Torque Control); PWM(Pulse Width Modulation); Torque Ripple
Abstract In this paper, EEFL, which is advantageous for driving multi-lamp and is able to reduce number of inverter, is used and Piezoelectric Transformer, which is able to reduce self loss, miniaturize and has high boosting transfer rate, and parallel connected to drive multi-lamp.For optimized EEFL driver circuit configuration, a Push-Pull type Piezoelectric inverter was designed and a simulation analysis was performed on the inverter circuit, and by applying multiple different type of driving methode, it is proved that a piezoelectric transformer can be used to manufacture a big screen multi-lamp driving inverter.