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Title A Characteristic Analysis of High Voltage Flyback Converter including Resonant Element
Authors Dong-Yeol Jung ; Jae-Kwang Lee ; Sung-Soo Hong ; Sang-Kyoo Han ; Sug-Chin Sakong ; Chung-Wook Roh
Page pp.186-195
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Flyback Converter; High Voltage Power Supply; Resonant Element
Abstract This paper presents a new Leading edge modulation Buck converter operating in discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) for the pulse voltage input. In the slave output of the LLC half-bridge multi-resonant converter, to regulate the direct chopper's output voltage, its PWM switch is controlled by the leading edge modulation. The principles of this proposed LEM control method and the fast dynamics in inductor current based on the converter impulse response are studied. The theoretical results are verified through an experimental prototype of the 100W 60inch PDP Address power module.