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Title A Method of PLL(Phase-Locked Loop) using FFT
Authors Kang-Ryul Ryu ; Jong-Pil Lee ; Tae-Jin Kim ; Dong-Wook Yoo ; Eui-Ho Song ; Byung-Duk Min
Page pp.206-212
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Fast Fourier Transform algorithm; Phase Lock Loop; Grid-connected inverter; PV PCS
Abstract When the magnetic levitation system(MAGLEV) initially rise, The MAGLEV has a weak point that is very large variation of the electric current. In this paper, The author applied the multi-loop-control to stably control the magnetic levitation system(MAGLEV). The gains of the control algorithm were selected based on pole locations formulated from a prototype Bessel transfer function model. The design incorporate tradeoffs in DC-to-DC converter hard-ware para -meters and pole locations. In order to confirm the superiority of the proposed pole selection and controller, MATLAB simulation and experiment results are presented.