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Title Regenerative Inverter System for DC Traction Substation with Voltage Drop Compensation Mode
Authors Jun-Gu Kim ; Jae-Hyung Kim ; Kee-Hyun Cho ; Chung-Yuen Won ; Yong-Ki Kim
Page pp.213-220
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords regenerative inverter; voltage drop compensation; DC traction; reserve rectifier; harmonics
Abstract This paper presents the control system for driving myoelectric hand prosthesis according to myoelectric signal generated in the human muscle. A surface myoelectric sensor for measuring myoelectirc signal is designed a skin interface and a processing circuit according to myoelectric signal output property. The control system consists of two controller for driving dual motor, torque sensor for measuring out torque of motor, slip sensor for detecting slip of torque. The experimental results proved the proposed control system.