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Title An Improved Unipolar PWM Method for bldc motors
Authors Young-Ho Jeon ; Whang Cho ; Ick Choy
Page pp.221-228
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords A unwanted leakage current; Anti-parallel diode; A novel unipolar PWM scheme
Abstract In this paper, a novel multi-level inverter for low cost high speed switched reluctance(SR) drive is proposed. The proposed multi-level converter has reduced number of power switches and diodes than that of a conventional asymmetric converter for SRM and smaller voltage rating of the dump capacitor comparing with energy efficient c-dump converter. It can supply five operating modes that is boosted, DC-link, zero, negative bias and negative boosted voltage. The proposed multi-level converter has fast excitation and demagnetization modes of phase current, so dynamic response can be achieved. The proposed multi-level converter is verified by computer simulation and experimental results.