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Title Line Current Characteristics of Multilevel H-Bridge Inverters: Part I ― Connection of Input Transformer and Phase Shift Characteristics
Authors Seung-Gi Jeong
Page pp.229-236
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Multilevel inverter; H-bridge inverter; Extended-delta winding; Harmonics
Abstract This paper presents a direct instantaneous torque control (DITC) of Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) with a novel 4-level converter to develop a uniform torque and to improve a dynamic performance. The DITC method can reduce a high torque ripple of SRM. Drive efficiency and dynamic performance with conventional drive are low due to a slow excitation current build-up. Since the 4-level converter can obtain an addition boosted voltage to have a fast excitation and demagnetization, it can improve dynamic performance and efficiency easily. To apply the DITC technique to a 4-level converter, a novel control scheme is presented according to the operating modes. Additionally, selection of capacitances of boosted capacitor and efficiency improvement of 4-level converter are analyzed. At last, the validity of proposed method is verified by some computer simulations and comparative experiments.