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Title Control of Single-Phase Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System using a Z-Source Inverter
Authors Tae-Won Chun ; Quang-Vinh Tran ; Heung-Geun Kim
Page pp.369-375
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Grid connected; Switching pattern; Voltage stress; ZSI (Z-source inverter)
Abstract In this paper, development of the 8kW parallel module converter is presented. For a effective configuration of FB-PWM converter, this paper proposes 4-parallel operation of 2 kw-module. FB converter of 2-kW module is controlled by phase shift PWM and in order to achieve ZVZCS, the simple auxiliary circuit is applied in secondary side. In order to achieve ZCS, control logic for auxiliary circuit operation is designed to reset the primary current during free-wheeling period. For output current sharing of 4-modules, the charge control is employed. The charge control logic is designed with phase shift PWM logic. Voltage controller is implemented by using DSP(TMS320LF2406) with A/D conversion data of the output current and voltage of each module. The developed converter is installed in PCU(Power Conditioning Unit) for HSG(High Speed Generator) in a vehicle and health monitoring system is implemented for vehicle operation test. Finally, performance of the developed converter is proved under practical operation of HSG.