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Title Design and Fabrication of Scanning Backlight Unit using Flat Fluorescent Lamp
Authors Hyung-Jun Chae ; Yong-Min Jung ; Sun-Nam Hwang ; Jeong-Wook Hur ; Jun-Young Lee ; Sung-Kyoo Lim
Page pp.376-382
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords LCD; BLU; Backlight; Motion blur; Scanning backlight
Abstract AC PDP has disadvantages that power consumption and sustain voltage are high. An energy recovery circuit for AC PDPs with reduced sustain voltage was proposed to solve these disadvantages. However, the circuit has disadvantage that the switching elements are performed hard switching at the start point of discharge and sustaining region. The reason is that the panel voltage is lower than sustain voltage at that point. In this paper, we propose the improved driving method that switching devices are operated with ZVS by using CIM(Current Injection Method) also at that point. CIM region is designed by theoretical circuit analysis. Finally, the validity of the proposed driving method is verified by the simulations and experimentation.