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Title A Study on Starting Algorithm of Large Synchronous Motor for Gas Turbine in Field-Weakening Region using SFC
Authors Ho-Seon Ryu ; Joo-Hyun Lee ; Youn-Jong Kang ; Seon-Hwan Hwang ; Jang-Mok Kim
Page pp.411-419
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords SFC; Large synchronous motor; Field weakening control algorithm; PI current regulator
Abstract The position of stator is essential when a trapezoidal BLDC motor is drived. In this paper we proposed a novel sensorless drive system for the trapezoidal BLDC motor without hall sensors or encoders. The resistor Y-connecting method is used to obtain Back-emf of a trapezoidal BLDC motor. Especially, by using the new Back-emf filter circuit proposed in this paper the sensorless characteristic in low speed is improved. The proto- type proposed system applied for a 100[W] rating BLDC motor is made and the propriety of the Back-EMF filter circuit is also verified.